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Ragnarök. Whiskey Aged Mead - 750ml

Ragnarök. Whiskey Aged Mead - 750ml

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Aged 18 months in Oak whisky barrels from the finest distilleries in the U.S. (Kentucky). These barrels have aged excellent bourbons for more than 10 years and now we use them to age our own mead. 

Make an impression on friends and family
with our Highest rated Mead, a delicate and complex drink for a memorabl
e night. 

★ Brewed with All Natural Honey from our hives 
★ Fermented in small batches
★ Bottled, sealed and packed by hand
★ Aged in oak whiskey barrels

In Norse mythology Ragnarök is a series of events which lead to the end of the world and the demise of the gods. The legend says that the gods will be killed in a great battle, the earth will be submerged in water and will be reborn more fertile than before. This our retelling of Ragnarök, a traditional mead submerged in oak casks sourced from the finest whiskey distilleries and resurrected again. Fit to be the last drink of a God

About this lot of RAGNARÖK: Cold brewed. Fermented in stainless steel tanks. Aged in American oak barrels from the Kentucky Bluegrass Distillers distillery. These single-use barrels were used for bourbon aging. Aromatic profile: Refined, fruity, subtly spicy.

Service temp: 7-8C
Pairing: Digestive



OR (Gold Medal) Nations Cup 2022 Wine and Spirits

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Here are some of the most

Frequently. Asked. Questions.

What is Mead ?

Mead is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of honey, it's a complex drink, with a very distinctive flavour. It is not a wine nor a spirit. A traditional mead can range from dry to sweet. Our Ragnarök is a dry mead (less than 10g/L) as it still contains some of the original honey sugars (less than 10g/L), even though most of them have been fermented out. Valhalla is classified as a semi-sweet mead (around 35g/L). Yule and Astrid are classified as sweet meads (around 45g/L).

How do you serve mead ?

Mead can be served at room temperature or chilled, depending on type. Dry mead can be chilled like white wine for a refreshing way to cool off, while a fuller-bodied or sweeter mead goes well over ice with a meal or neat as an after dinner drink. We recommend Ragnarök to be served slightly chilled.

Do I have to finish the bottle after opening ?

Not necessary. Our mead can be well preserved in the fridge up to 4-5 weeks after opening without losing quality.

How long will mead last ?

Most meads age very well in the bottle, some for 10 years or more. Mead keeps getting better with time. 

What's the ABV (alcohol by volume) on your meads ?

Most of our meads range between 13-14% avb. Ragnarök is 14% avb. Although, because of the ageing process in whisky barrels, you might get the impression it's a stronger drink.

Can you use mead in cocktails?

Most definitely. Mixologists are finding that mead is a great addition to many cocktails. For something unique try mixing a sweeter mead with a drier spirit such as gin.

Are you based in Canada? 

Yes we are! Proudly Canadian family owned business :)