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Honey smoked Bacon - 250g (Pick-up only)

Honey smoked Bacon - 250g (Pick-up only)

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All natural pork bacon raised in St-Patrice by "Le porc de beaurivage” and smoked with a sweet honey glaze. Ingredients: Pork Flank from Le pork de beaurivage, Honey From Miellerie St-Patrice.

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Frequently. Asked. Questions.

What is Mead ?

Mead is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of honey, it's a complex drink, with a very distinctive flavour. It is not a wine nor a spirit. A traditional mead can range from dry to sweet. Our Ragnarök is a dry mead (less than 10g/L) as it still contains some of the original honey sugars (less than 10g/L), even though most of them have been fermented out. Valhalla is classified as a semi-sweet mead (around 35g/L). Yule and Astrid are classified as sweet meads (around 45g/L).

How do you serve mead ?

Mead can be served at room temperature or chilled, depending on type. Dry mead can be chilled like white wine for a refreshing way to cool off, while a fuller-bodied or sweeter mead goes well over ice with a meal or neat as an after dinner drink. We recommend Ragnarök to be served slightly chilled.

Do I have to finish the bottle after opening ?

Not necessary. Our mead can be well preserved in the fridge up to 4-5 weeks after opening without losing quality.

How long will mead last ?

Most meads age very well in the bottle, some for 10 years or more. Mead keeps getting better with time. 

What's the ABV (alcohol by volume) on your meads ?

Most of our meads range between 13-14% avb. Ragnarök is 14% avb. Although, because of the ageing process in whisky barrels, you might get the impression it's a stronger drink.

Can you use mead in cocktails?

Most definitely. Mixologists are finding that mead is a great addition to many cocktails. For something unique try mixing a sweeter mead with a drier spirit such as gin.

Are you based in Canada? 

Yes we are! Proudly Canadian family owned business :)