About us

When Chris created Miellerie St-Patrice, the idea was simple : To produce high quality, local unpasteurized honey at a competitive price. In reality there are many types of honey on the market today, but most commercially available honeys are pasteurized and or mixed with foreign honeys, and more often then not are imported from countries that do not have the same levels of quality control as Canada.

Often these honeys have been found to have traces of dangerous chemicals and have been the subject of many recalls. At Miellerie St-Patrice out honey is all natural, with no additives, the way nature intended it and it is the base ingredient of all our recipes!

Our company is committed to green practices and that means doing business as much as possible with local producers. When you buy local honey you are not just supporting a local beekeeper, you are supporting local producers of apples, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries and many other fruits and vegetables that would not exist without our bees!